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At Levi Jones we aim to be a cruelty-free brand. But besides being cruelty free by using vegan leather to create our vegan leather goods we also want to be eco-friendly. All our packing material has been recycled. 

The cardboard boxes that carry your Levi Jones goods safely all over the world are made from recycled material. We use boxes that are custom made to fit our bags. By using smaller boxes than standard shippingboxes we reduce the size by up to 40%. A smaller box means less material, less (transport) volume and less waste. 

The shipping boxes we use at Levi Jones are made from sustainable material.  Our boxes are made of 80% recycled cardboard. The remaining 20% consists of new cardboard. This requires trees. These are mainly from Scandinavia. In the ecologically managed forests, two new trees are always planted for each felled tee.  

At Levi Jones we only use (wrapping) material that’s recycled and eco-friendly.

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