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Our story


Levi Jones is a 100% vegan leather handbag brand. All designs are made with an obsessive attention to detail and a luxurious appearance.

By using high quality vegan leather our goal is to create handbags that are appealing for everyone.

It all started with an extreme love of animals, which resulted in the adoption of a vegan lifestyle. This meant that all leather goods were no longer suitable for purchasing. But why should adepting a vegan lifestyle mean sacraficing style?

It was the lack of good vegan leather bags that brought the idea for Levi Jones to the table. We have created a luxury brand of vegan leather handbags, where no animals were hurt in the proces.

High quality vegan leather bags made with the best quality vegan leather available on the market. The combination of luxury + a chique design is key. The aesthetic? Minimalist, sexy and feminine. The Levi Jones women enjoys her coffee on a city terras and can party on a rooftop with her friends, or escape for the weekend with her lover. Complete your look with your Levi Jones for every occasion.  

We hope you love our collection as much as we do.

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